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Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Awesome Summer Games For The Pool!!!

1. Marco Polo
  • A Game where there is one person who is "it" and this person goes under water and counts to 10 then comes up WITH HIS/HER EYES CLOSED then says "Marco" and everyone else yells back "Polo". Yelling back and forth marco and polo is a way for the person yelling marco to find you. YOU MUST YELL BACK OR YOU ARE "IT" AND DURING THE WHOLE GAME THE PERSON WHO IS "IT" MUST KEEP THEIR EYES CLOSED. You are aloud to get out of the water but if the person who is "it" hears you , they can yell "fish out of water" and if you are out of water, you are automatically "it". The point of this game is to stay away from the "it" person and if you are that person to tag someone else.
2. Colors
  • In this game there is one person standing outside of the pool turned around so you are not facing the water. Then the rest of the players are in the pool on the same side as the one who is out of the water TOUCHING THE WALL. Then the person out of the water gives everyone about  5 or 6 choices of colors. Then everyone picks a color WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Then the out of water person says thoes colors slowly in a different order than the first time. When this person says your color you swim to the other side. The goal is to be quiet... not fast. If the person out of water hears you, they jump in thewater and swim after the other person and if they tag you then you have to get out of water and say the colors. And the game starts over.

HAVE FUNNN!!!!!!!! :)  <3

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